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Ancestrally Fashion Forward


About Our Designs

The Fashion of Free People


We believe apparels are expressions of thoughts, that is why we take it seriously.

Bophonysse's main inspiration comes from Berber women expressing their identity through powerfully symbolic jewelry.

Bophonysse entends to create empowering collections, which have been artistically developed from ideas to realities. 

Bophonysse's love of the universal heritage opened up new horizons of inspirations and styles.

Bophonysse's creations reflect their philosophy of past revival and heritage preservation through undeniable contemporary handcrafted designs.

We carefully select our precious silk;

We hand-paint powerful imagery;

We add a delicious touch of Swarovski crystals;

We don't forget our savoir-faire à la Française;

Our highly skilled team of patterns-cutters & machinists gather the pieces of the puzzle;

Et voilà la magie de Bophonysse


For all inquiries, please contact Bophonysse here.

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