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Free Yaz

The buckles of this belt collection are inspirited by our logo, the later was inspired by the Imazighen Aza/ Yaz symbol of freedom.
Put it on your waist and express your freedom.

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Bophonysse Belt Bag

Original & Unique

This item has become one of my most versatile pieces, designed with sleek sophistication and all-day wear in mind. Being made from the finest materials makes Bophonysse Belt Bag Collection absolutely perfect for any occasion. Designed for durability and style, you won’t believe you went so long without it.

belt bag .png

Febula Belt

Fibula on your Waist

The authentic shape and symbols of the buckle make this collection exceptional. This piece is carefully crafted with high quality materials and boasts a timeless style. With this belt around your waist, you will not dress to impress but to inspire, so be sure to purchase yours today.

belt triagle shiny.png

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